Baguru was founded at Startup Weekend Groningen 2014 where I pitched the idea of creating tools for people that go backpacking to get to know them self. A thing that a lot students do during and after their studies. They all hope to figure out what to do next after school. But after their journeys they come back without the answers where they were
looking for.

I saw this a view times happening and wanted to change that experience with giving them the tools to really get the answers about themself where they are looking for during their adventures.

During the weekend came up with the name Baguru. The Guru in your Bag. We made a business plan with the help of Pieter and Pieter (Marketing managers from Heineken)
By Sunday we sold our first 6 real bags with content. Unfortunately the judges did not get our idea completely on Sunday.

That didn't change that we learned a lot of new things about making buisisplans, strategy and finance. After the weekend Jay Henriques and I continued working on the concept and the methods. After 3 months we had a working prototype, marketing en buisinessplan. We sent away 40 people and had great results. Unfortunately to make this a succes we needed a lot of money and time that we didn't have.

In 2016 this changed. Mustafa Boutzamar did research on our method and it turned out to be good. He build a workshop around it for hi school students and made the travel part even better. Soon after he got the permission of us. He found partners in 'Bries' and 'Up To Us' to get it implemented in innovating ways of education.

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