In 2013 some friends of mine convinces me to participate in Startup Weekend. For me t this time a new thing. On Friday Wout Laban pitched an idea about making an awesome book. During the weekend we lifted the idea from awesome book to super awesome book. We worked witch business-model canvas, we got pitch-training and super coaches to help us figure out to make a strong concept and a financial plan.
After 2 days we already sold 60 books. The books were all about learning from other startups and their lessons along the way. Not in long reads, but in sketch-notes. There is no startup that has time left, so you need something that you can read fast.
We called the concept Splintr. Something short and itchy.
On Sunday we pitched the idea for the judges and came in a second place in the event.
This weekend I learned new skills, met new friends an build a business. I feld inspierd and saw that I could also have a buisness one day. I feel now that I learnd more during Startup Weekend than I did on 2 years of school.
That made me want to be part op Startup Seekend. To inspirer others to be brave and give them a kickstart to create thier own dream jobs.

Wout & Matthijs, thanx for convincing me to participate.

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